A Christmas Message (from someone who isn’t Christian, but who get’s what Jesus was trying to say!)


As a youngster I was always a bit confused by having both Jesus and Santa Claus stories circulating simultaneously at Christmas! Santa Claus was obviously the greater draw as a child because of the presents! But as I have gotten older, the message of “Love and Peace” have become much more important to me! Both are free. But admittedly, take a bit more work at times!


So when visiting Bari in Italy this year, imagine my joy to come across the crypt of St Nicholas himself! (See photos)… On further investigation Nicholas of Bari or Saint Nicholas of Myra was an early Christian Bishop and our modern day Santa Claus derives from his legendary habit of secret gift-giving and helping the less fortunate. So it seems like there is congruence between the 2 stories afterall!


Today, Ram Dass another soul who dedicated his life to expressing and encouraging others to experience the joy of “being love”, passed through this life and back home into spirit. I was watching an interview with him recently and his answer to every question asked of him was, declared with such certainty “love”.


The answer seemed so simple to him.

And it’s my answer to every question too! But even though I know this intellectually, I am still practising, failing, practising more etc etc. It’s a lifetime practice, each moment providing yet another opportunity to deepen the experience and understanding.. and offer peace where it has been lost!


So, I decided this Christmas to adopt one of Ram Dass’s suggested mantras,

” I am loving awareness”

And it’s not just for Christmas, it’s ongoing, because in a world at a serious turning point in 2020, surely the only solution is Love? Surely, we intuitively know that it’s always the answer. Even to our most complex questions, because surely deep down we know that it’s the only thing that is truly missing and which we all respond to deep in our souls.


You will have witnessed this yourself, through your experience with Quantum Touch. When we offer the Mind, Body, Spirit high vibration love energy, not only does it feel amazing, but it heals. Love Heals.


So, no matter what your circumstances, this Christmas and as we go into 2020 (a difficult year globally is ahead of us, and we need it more than ever)… I send you LOVE and may you radiate your own love not just to loved ones, but to all. Together, let’s see what is possible when we acknowledge that Love is the only answer we need…. it’s what Jesus would have wanted 😉


Love, Sharon x

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