Nobody likes being judged….Including you. Especially when it’s you judging yourself! Ouch!

We all lose it from time to time! It’s rarely pretty, but adding judgement on top of guilt or shame is never going to help.

Instead of trying to repress our feelings or judge them, the healthiest thing to do is actually to just acknowledge to yourself that you are feeling a particular emotion. When we don’t judge or repress but just acknowledge it, that emotion having being given acknowledgement just passes on through and out of us. We can allow it to just pass on through our life and body. Emotions by themselves are not bad, what gives them a bad reputation is not the emotion itself but the way in which we hold onto them, recreate them and basically allow them to fester, compound and then compound one “negative” emotion upon another. If you can notice, acknowledge and let it go. You will start to notice that so-called “negative” emotions are just emotions like all the others. But even more than that we often think of anger as being powerful, but actually, it’s one of the emotions which comes from a feeling of powerlessness. So if you get angry, just remember that it comes from a place of wanting to feel seen, heard, acknowledged and ultimately loved – doesn’t that deserve our compassion? After all isn’t it what every human being wants?

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