Add-on: Removal of Unseen Obstacles 



One-to-One Session Call by video-calling or in-person in Bristol, UK

2 Hour Session

This 2 hour session is to release any ancestral, past-life influences or inherited family trauma in your life that may be limiting you, influencing your health or preventing you from reaching your dreams.


No. of Hours: 2 Hours

For:  those who feel like there are unseen forces which seem to have an effect on your life. New clients or those who have gone through another YDB programme where the removal of unseen obstacles was not included but you feel it would be beneficial because you have a feeling that there maybe past-life or ancestral influences in your life.

The easiest way to know if this is you, is if you have ever felt like there is something in your life which shows up regularly or around certain subjects/experiences/ certain health issues, that feels very familiar to you, like an old feeling or old pattern playing itself out but to which you often say, “ I don’t know why I feel this way, there is nothing in my life that I feel that this actually comes from. I don’t know why I’m like this! I don’t know why this always happens!”

If you have something that feels this way – anything from dating patterns, to money slipping through your fingers to family dramas that never seem to change or evolve, to how you feel about yourself, having children, or health issues you just can’t shake. Unresolved ancestral or past-life experiences can affect our current life. But because they are unseen they continue unresolved.

If you are unsure,  Sharon can confirm for you if this session is necessary or not.

Please note this is a 2 hour session because we are working on the energetic level and it takes time to gain clarity and resolve, therefore it cannot be completed in 1 hour.

What is included:  

  • Identification of past life or ancestral influences (sometimes there can be more than 1)
  • Information of the unhealed issue and exploration of how it has been playing out in your life
  • Resolution of the unhealed issue and removal of the influence through a loving but powerful process.
  • Having healed these influences this will no longer influence your life but it also may have a positive impact on other family members as the inherited family trauma has now been healed and so will not pass to the next generation.
  • Q&A -ask the ancestor or past life any question you would like to know.


Price: £250 for new clients / 20% discount £225 for those who have taken another programme. (please get in contact for this offer)

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