What YDB Clients have to say....

I suffered with Crohn’s disease for 10 years and have been through many different medications and alternative treatments without alleviating my symptoms.

So I began sessions with Sharon and instantly noticed an improvement in my well being and happiness…. I can’t recommend Sharon highly enough and thanks to her help and guidance I believe I can now achieve all my dreams, goals and relationships that I was unable to focus on before.

Suraj K - Business Owner, Leicester

What YDB Clients have to say....


When I contacted Sharon, I was lost and stuck in an awful cycle of years of M.E symptoms. She understood me and my needs and supported me on my journey of transformation. I connected with her spiritually and I felt safe and empowered. Sharon is truly an Earth Angel! Thank you so much.

Karen B - Energy Healer, Kent

What YDB Clients have to say....

Healing with Sharon is a shared thrilling journey...

She is both erudite and a master of many disciplines - intuitively using exactly the right method for your own unique condition .

A really wonderful life affirming experience that is recommended to everyone.

Joanna L - Ex Barrister, Artist, Totnes Devon

What YDB Clients have to say....

Over the course of 6 sessions Sharon has totally opened my eyes to the gifts which I never truly understood, until now. Understanding and knowing who you are is completely paramount in the journey to become who you know you can be.

Sharon has the key! A truly beautiful person with the power to match.

Tristan S - Plumber & Men's Coach, Plymouth

What YDB Clients have to say....

I came to Sharon because I had been experiencing great anxiety and fear for a couple of months...I had tried EFT (tapping) which worked to an extent but the fear and anxiety became to overwhelming which led me to taking a break from work and I felt that I needed some deeper healing work.

I decided to work with Sharon because I felt heard and understood during the consultation. Working with Sharon exceeded my expectations. I started to notice results pretty quickly.  

I would always leave the session feeling more empowered and less anxious and fearful. My anxiety and fear has decreased tremendously.

I would recommend Sharon to anyone who needs deeper healing work and who wants some psychic guidance in their personal life.

Silvia K - Admin Assistant, Sweden

What YDB Clients have to say....

I didn't really know what to expect from the session as I was convinced my self-worth was in pretty good shape anyway.

However the session with Sharon showed that there were some areas to work on - in particular my self-worth around friendships & professional recognition. The upshot was that within the next week I noticed I was drawing more attention to myself professionally, by attracting new opportunities and saying yes when they came along. I also noticed how 3 different friends contacted me, in the days that followed, wanting to catch up.

I can't say why this works but it definitely had a positive impact on me! 

Sue S -Relationship Coach, Surrey

What YDB Clients have to say....

The sessions with Sharon began with help re: my life path and purpose.  As I'd recently suffered a close bereavement, however, I also had a lot of self sabotaging thoughts and beliefs to deal with which undermined bringing my life purpose into fruition.

Sharon helped me replace the negative thoughts with a much more positive stance and greater compassion for myself and others.  In so doing not only did she restore my emotional well-being but also my digestive tract which had borne the brunt of my grief.

Trish S - Business Operations Manager, Basingstoke

What YDB Clients have to say....

What can I say about Sharon’s sessions: phenomenal! Sharon is a channel as well as a healer. A very special practitioner indeed.

 Sharon’s approach was very gentle yet overwhelmingly powerful; resonating still today. Having no idea what was involved with the practice of Quantum Touch I was blown away by the impact of each session with her... I realised that actually her sessions are far more than just Quantum Touch. A real clearing of long held and mostly subconscious energy occurred.

I feel elevated, lifted with a much clearer sense of perspective and a lot more positivity. I am a new woman thanks to my sessions with Sharon.

Vivienne H - Artist, California USA

What YDB Clients have to say....

My name is Claudia I live in Amsterdam and work with kids. On a work day with the kids we were playing a game and I fell and broke my ankle.   

My pain went from a rating of 9 (which was alot of pain) to a 3 (slight pain) in one hour. I felt at ease. Too bad I had to be operated on. I guess I did not put out my request clearly enough or else I’m sure that would not have been necessary.

Sharon has a gift and I’m glad she gave me a gift of a painless time during my injury. Thanks again Sharon..”

Claudia S- Teacher, Amsterdam

What YDB Clients have to say....

I was hesitant to first try Quantum touch because I didn’t know much about it but I trusted that Sharon would be able to help and her thorough explanations made a lot of sense and were able to allay any concerns about doing this over Skype.

I found the first session quite challenging but I think it knocked me out of a stuck place.
It has been a time of great change for me in the last few months and I think the QT sessions were a hugely positive factor in allowing me to move happily through those changes.

Ian M-  Yoga Teacher, London

What YDB Clients have to say....

The main reason why I’ve enjoyed working with Sharon is that she so clearly loves what she is doing and that enthusiasm, joy, wisdom and love of life ignites that same spark in you.
She reminds you that life can be fun, enjoyable and fascinating and that your “problems”, “obstacles”, “blocks”, “issues” are actually stimulating gifts for her to unravel and reconfigure in creative, innovative and inspiring ways.  I never know what will happen in a session with Sharon but I do know it will be stimulating, interesting and will expand my understanding and awareness of myself and of my life.

Claire D-  Totnes, Devon

Sharon works with clients across the UK, Europe, the US and Worldwide: distance really is not a barrier to accessing Sharon's work.  
For 1-2-1 Sessions you will need Skype, Messenger, Zoom, Whatsapp or telephone. .. But be assured that nothing is lost over the distance. That’s one of the great benefits of working in the Quantum Field and Energy, it means that distance is no obstacle…. it just helps if there is a good video connection!
All videos are embedded with high vibration energy to help you get the most out of each video teaching.
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