At YDB we understand that we all want to be seen, appreciated and financially secure in the work we do and we all want to grow and progress our skills so that our work continues to fulfill us. But some dream of more – which is great! You have alot to offer and people need your talents, amazing ideas and abilities so here at YDB we want to help and support those of you who want to go bigger, shine brighter, help more!

Whether you’re just starting off in your work journey, or you’ve had a career in one field but want to change path but it’s not clear how or what , or you feel called to a higher purpose, no matter what your situation, this programme is designed to help you come into alignment with your true purpose, give you the confidence to move forward and remove the mental and emotional limitations that block you from fulfilment and financial success.

This programme offers you clarity and aligns you with your highest vision of your work so that you can contribute to the world authentically and with confidence.

There are 3 ways you can access these programmes:
Webinar Series
Video Series

You receive the same information about success in all 3 formats the only difference is the level of personalised help and support you receive.

The 3 formats are offered so that you have:
  • Choice of learning style that works best for you
  • Choice of group, personalised support or self-support
  • Choice of deep 1-2-1 work to quickly identify the core of the condition/limitation to success
  • Choice of cost
  • Choice of time commitment
  • Options to buy personalised sessions


Need more information?


Need more information?

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