This might seem like a bold and even crazy idea to some!

Love yourself?

Fall in Love with Yourself?

To some, it may seem egotistical, or selfish, but that is only because they have not come across the true meaning and understanding behind this. You see, we as human beings really are not taught to love ourselves and because of this we feel alot of stress in daily life because we look for all kinds of things outside of ourselves because we have been taught that love is out there somewhere in other people and other things and we have to do something to deserve it.

We are told to that our worth is something others give us.

We are told that love is something others give us.

We are told that good fortune is something others bestow upon us.

Always looking outside, always looking in the wrong place and then we wonder why other people and things don’t live up to our expectations, they don’t fulfill us, they leave us wanting more. Like addicts searching for our next hit, we go from one job to another, from partner to partner, home, holiday, book, album, film, meal, alcoholic beverage, etc…. hoping that the next one will fill us up and meet our expectations of happiness.

But, if we loved ourselves, we would break free of the addiction.

We would have everything we needed within and the cravings would die out.

What is left, is awe, wonder, appreciation and joy… curiosity about what other seemingly miraculous things are possible.

You see, loving yourself, respecting yourself, giving yourself your attention – these are the things we crave from others, but these are our responsibility. Then anything anyone gives you on top of this is kinda nice, but you don’t NEED them to give it to, because you already have it. If you are feeling a bit low – just top up your own levels.

When you don’t need these things from others, you become invincible. You are not upset by others words well, you don’t need their words to tell you who you are, how to feel, how to be. You already know all this and other people’s words and actions are just kinda surplus to your needs. You can harvest the good stuff and just bounce back all the rest!

You still have good relationships – in fact you have better relationships because you let everyone else off the hook for trying to make you happy.

When you love yourself – everyone wins.

Still sound like a crazy idea?!

I’ve tried it myself and I can tell you, it makes you invincible. My secret super-power: unconditional self-love!

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